Meeting each other later in life was the best thing that could have happened to us.

We both had failed marriages when we met.

But we needed that, we just didn't know that we needed it at the time.

When we met, we were friends for about 3 years prior to dating. We had mutual friends and hung out in groups of mutual friends.

We were both with other people when we first met, and truthfully - had no interest in the other. Rightly so.

I truly think life was preparing us for each other through those journeys and put us in front of each other at the perfect time.

By the time we were both single and ready to mingle

we were once again thrown into each others pathway. We saw each other through a different lens, as we were both going through a difficult time and were able to be there for each other for support.

Support that later turned into a make out session in a Starbucks parking lot.

Truth: I tried to break up with this guy twice, but he was a persistent bugger... thankfully.

Once we fell, we fell hard and fast.

We laid EVERYTHING on the table in the first 3 months of dating.

We already knew who we were, what we wanted and didn't want and more importantly what we were willing to sacrifice and what we simply would not.

We had one major thing in common; we would never sacrifice ourselves again.

Our story is a whirlwind, and we love it that way.

We moved in together after 5 months of dating in 2016.

Got married in Greece in 2017.

Have travelled to Mexico, Dominican, Phoenix, California, France, Switzerland and Greece (so far, the list is growing).

Got pregnant in 2018 with Jack.

Built our dream home together and moved in in 2018 as well.

Had our son in April 2019.

Lost our first girl in 2021.

Welcomed our rainbow in 2022.

our family is complete, but our adventure

is far from over.

There is no shortage of adventure, joy and love here, and we spend everyday making each other laugh and feel loved.