What's your style/vibe?

In the moment comes to mind first. I like to laugh and make others laugh too. Expect weird, random questions to make you think and laugh, but also be prepared for sarcasm and possible dirty jokes (for the couples). For my editing style, I aim to have something a bit darker, moodier and warm, but also raw and natural.


More of what you see in my portfolio. Couples, engagements, branding and in home lifestyle. I will be doing mini sessions a few times a year as well. But, I'm always up for something new and fun!


Do you have a Chandler Bing in your family? I try not to be too posey and 'stiff'. But, yes, I will help you pose and figure out how to stand, walk etc, but the best pictures will be the in between moments of laughter that are more natural and relaxed.

how many photos do I get?

I usually deliver a gallery of no less than 40 photos. Most of the time they are upwards of 75 and then you get to download and use as you see fit!

how long will it take to get my photos after the shoot?

I get too excited to wait, maybe a problem I don't know. But, I try to get you a few teasers within 3 days and then your whole gallery within 2 weeks. If there is a delay I will always let you know! I know it's super exciting to get your photos so I try to make sure that I get you them as quickly as your little heart desires :)


This totally depends. I will certainly travel within Niagara Region and upwards towards Toronto, however this is a travel fee depending on where and what time of the shoot. This will always be discussed during our consultation.

can I edit the photo afterward?

Sorry, but it's gonna be a hard no from me! The time and energy, and truly - the pride, I take in editing photos is where this all comes together. In my photography agreement it does state that no additional filters or editing be done to any photos.

have more questions?

Head over to my contact page and fill out the form, or send an email to ashleymathewson.co@gmail.com!