tired, sweaty moms

tired AF moms who still need to sweat

small group exercise, for mom's and their babes

Our in person fitness classes are for moms. The creators of little lives that need some time to sweat, feel strong and capable - for our sanity, and our children.

We get it though, you can't always slip away and take that time, especially when the littles are... little. So, bring them!

If you're thinking...

"But they're probably going to cry...." - Uh, yeah. THAT'S OK! Babies/kids do that, and we're moms too, so is the group, we get it.

"What if I have to breastfeed?" .... - Free the boob, mamma. We are totally comfortable with this, and have a private area if you want some more privacy!

"What if they won't stay put?.... - We encourage using a little bit of iPads or cell phones for a movie or show, some snacks and some love. Or, use that baby as a weight for some of our movements, it's ALL okay!

The Details

WINTER 2022 ENROLMENT IS OPEN! *only four spots left*

WHEN: Starts Monday November 14th (7 weeks)

Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 1:30pm - 2:15pm (45min classes)

COST: $200 for unlimited classes

*no refunds or transfers*

What to expect

  • warm up dedicated to postpartum life and core rehabilitation
  • strength for your entire body and a core component
  • sweaty conditioning to rev up that body and burn those calories
  • fully coached by postpartum certified coaches
  • fun, inclusive, welcoming environment to help bring you back to feeling amazing, energized and strong!